Travel Undergarment Organizer - Blue Leaf Special Edition

$ 49.50

TUO Blue Leaf Special Edition

The innovative TUO travel undergarment organizer allows travelers to organize their undergarments or small items neatly in a foldable bag which acts as a portable closet for your trip. Made of water resistant nylon fabric, it features 3 see-through mesh zippered compartments so you can pack and organize undergarments, accessories and small clothing items altogether so you're ready no matter where you go.

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  • Materials: Synthetic Fabrics
  • Measurements 13.5"L x 11"W x 0.65"H
  • 3 Mesh Zipper Pockets – Easy Content Visibility
  • 6 Internal Elastic Pockets - Provide Separate Compartments For Smaller Items
  • Easy To Use Zipper Mesh Pockets
  • Snap Button To Keep The Bag Closed
  • Firm Structure And Detachable Handle Design - For More Hanging Options
  • Includes One Mini Laundry Bag With Divider
  • Water Resistant Nylon Fabric