Moms money saving tips for Orlando Vacation

When vacationing at the theme parks, there are several ways to save money, and not sacrifice family enjoyment. Saving money often means less activities and less fun. However, the following are some money saving tips moms can use to better plan their family vacation to Orlando, Florida.

Plan Well

Saving starts with good planning! The whole trip can be quite expensive which is why vacation planning is a must before venturing out to your favorite theme parks in Orlando, Florida (FL). The number of options and choices available can be daunting and make the planning process frustrating. So, first determine the things (activities, sights, parks, etc.) that are non-negotiable for you and your family and plan your time and budget around those things. Also, consider using vacation planning services by reaching out to those in Orlando to help you navigate major pitfalls and to optimize your budget. 

When you start off with planning your vacation, you will come across various vacation planners online. is one of those travel sites that will help you connect with experts for planning and booking your vacation. Go to to select your desirable travel service, and get started for free. Besides this, travel planning videos can help too, such as those provided by Universal Orlando Resort. You can view these useful videos from Universal Studios.

Renting verses Purchasing

While you are planning out your Orlando trip, be sure to consider what is available for rent before considering purchasing items for your trip. Many things you might purchase specifically for your trip to Orlando may only be needed temporarily, and would be unnecessary to keep afterwards. Often you get better quality items for less by renting instead of buying.

For example, you can rent the following:
Vacation Home – It is always better to invest in something that requires your highest involvement, i.e. accommodation. Many people purchase a vacation home. However, the best way to make the most of it is go for rentals. Since you can share the vacation home with another family too, you can avail a great opportunity to pay less and save more.
Travel Bags – Of course, your family will need a travel bag for that specific vacation only. After the vacation, it will not be useful. Rather than spending money on this, simply rent a travel bag. Rent My Travel Bags offers this convenience to you.

Car – While vacationing at the amusement parks, bringing your own car along makes sense only if you live in Orlando which is why renting a car is the best option you should consider.

Renting/Sharing Accommodation close to the Amusement Park

Staying central to the theme park can help save you a lot of transportation costs and costs in general, especially if your accommodation itself is cheap. You will be able to find a lot of renting facilities in or near amusement parks within Orlando, Florida (FL).

You may want to consider sharing your accommodations with family members or hometown neighbor in order to get more for less. There are a lot of spacious rooms and places available with multiple bedrooms that you can share with other people. Visit Orlando offers a variety of vacation homes at low rental cost. You can also compare pricing by visiting their site.

Visiting In the Off Season

You should consider about planning your vacation during the off season. This is the time when the crowd is lesser which means that hotel rates will be cheaper and you will be required to wait less for your turn on the rides. suggests that the best time of the year is to visit the amusement parks in Orlando during May and September, or from November to early December.


Some of the attraction parks offer visitors an option to volunteer at their facility and help out. If you have free time on your hands, then volunteering can reduce your amusement park costs considerably, thereby helping you to save significant amounts of money. Universal Orlando Resort offers different volunteering opportunities you can choose from. Once you have selected one, you can apply as a volunteer by reading the guidelines

Managing Time

According to Robert Niles, Theme Park Insider Editor, people enjoy vacationing at the amusement park the most if they have planned everything well in advance. This also includes choosing a theme park beforehand. You can save time in searching for one by getting the best amusement park apps. Orlando’s Theme Parks is one of them.

Seek Advice from a
Travel Expert

A lot of travel experts are available on the Internet who can give you some vacation ideas and how to make the most of your trip on a limited budget. For instance, Fodor’s Travel provides its travel guide to all those who are passionate about spending vacations at Orlando. You can also check its travel deals from here.

Use Vacation Budgeting Tool

No matter how smartly you have planned for your vacations, the most effective way to budget your vacation is to use the right budgeting tools. offers a comprehensive budget planning tool that can help you plan ahead while keeping an eye on all related costs. 

Even if you are keeping a certain amount of control on your budget, you will not miss out on the various fun filled activities that your trip will have to offer. All you have to do is be smart about where and how you spend your money, and you are good to go! Visiting Orlando with your children is a great idea and you and your family will surely feel rejuvenated after your trip.


May 02, 2014 — Amusement Park News

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