As we thought about the vacationers experience, we realize how important it is to prevent stressful situations before they occur. That is why we offer Worry-Free Coverage. The following charts provide the advantages and benefits of having worry-free coverage.


Damage & Loss/Theft Policy

  Damages Loss/Theft

Regular Damage & Loss/Theft Policy
(No Worry-Free Coverage)

Renter is 100% Responsible for Repairs Renter is 100% Responsible for Replacement
With Worry-Free Coverage 100% NOT Responsible for Repairs 30% Responsible for Replacement


Cancellation Policy

Products Services

Regular Cancellation Policy
(No Worry-Free Coverage)

72 hours 50% refund 5 days 50% refund
48 hours 0% refund 72 hours 25% refund
24 hours 0% refund 48 hours 0% refund
With Worry-Free Coverage 24 hours 100% refund minus worry-free coverage fee 24 hours 100% refund 
minus worry-free coverage fee


* Once a rental item has been delivered, refunds will not be issued for cancellations. 

* No refund is provided if a rented item is returned earlier than expected.