Ever imagined seeing characters of the Seven Dwarfs in real? Treat yourself with the friendly thrill as you feel every bit of the twist and turns of the Disney magic. Yes, we are talking about the very popular, most awaited Disney’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride! This newest ride will be open at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Fantasyland. Plans for this ride began in 2011. After almost 4 years, Disney has finally revealed its masterpiece. 


Disney’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride

Disney World’s new roller coaster ride, “Disney’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride” is the talk of the town. Opening on May 28, 2014, this family ride is an addition to the expanding Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom of Disney World. Recently, Disney also released a video of the mine experience to allow families to experience the ride before making their vacation plans. 


According to USA Today, over 17 million people a year visit Disney World to relive their childhood memories. Hopefully, a good portion of those visitors will have an opportunity to ride the Seven Dwarf Mine Train. The debut of this ride has been covered by Fox NewsExaminer.com, and Huffing Post. Furthermore, Disney revealed the fantasy of this ride to the media leaving everyone who came awed. 


Want to get a first hand experience of what this fantasy ride will be like? Watching the video of Disney’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride to get a taste test of what you will actually experience while on the ride come May 28th. 

New Technology: 3D Animatronics

The ride is said to be one-of-its-kind! Disney is famous for their use of new technology. In the Disney’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Disney has incorporated 3D animatronics. According to Walt Disney Imagineering, it’s all about recreating Disney’s characters from scratch! The process of using 3D Animatronics involve studying the individual motions as well as facial expressions of each Dwarf, and then making them look just like real Dwarfs coming out from the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs story. 

Though 3D Animatronics seem quite similar to Animation, there is a clear difference between the two terms: 3D Animatronics will enable you to see real, physical objects. However, animation mostly involves the representation of real, physical objects in the 2D and 3D animation only. Robert Niles from Theme Park Insider comments on the use of this advanced technology by saying, "It's a "new look" because the Dwarfs on the Mine Train won't be the purely practical animatronics we've seen until now on so many Disney theme park attractions, with sculpted features driven by mechanical processes. On the Mine Train, the Dwarf animatronics will blend mechanical features with 3D computer animation, apparently projected upon the mechanical animatronics themselves. This is why the Disney fans have waited longer for this most amazing ride!  


Other Important Ride Features 

Disney’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride also includes a meeting with all the characters of Snow White and the seven Dwarfs just as it plunges into the forest, bringing the fairytale to life and making one of these vacation ideas worthwhile. The ride takes you through a mine which reveals to its audiences a beautiful view of diamonds, emeralds and other gems. The riders will be engaged in the adventurous tasks of jewel sorting and washing. Once you enter the vault, it gets even more amazing and turning barrels transforms the ceiling above! And the fun doesn’t even end there. You can find out a lot more about this extraordinarily incredible ride.


Important Ride Information

For a rider to be on the train, they only need to be 38 inches or 97 cm taller! The ride is open for kids, teen and adults. This makes it the perfect trip planning for families. Disney’s website revealed that the level of thrill can be dark, loud and at the same time a wee bit scary for the younger ones. The good news for adventure lovers is that they can book their tickets online.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get your seat belts ready and experience the most popular Disney’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride! And yes, the wait is worth it! Make sure you get this magical roller coaster ride before it is too late. You can book your tickets here.



As for those who cannot be in Florida, Disney is currently working on creating the Seven Dwarfs’ Mine Train Ride at Disney Land Shanghai. The ride in Shanghai will be all set to open in 2015. We know it’s a long wait, but it will be worth it!

As for those who are planning a trip to Orlando this summer, do not miss out on this train ride. If you are planning on coming to Orlando, Florida for your family vacation after May 28th, you will want to ride the Seven Dwarfs’ Mine Train.










May 12, 2014 — Amusement Park News

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