disney travel blogger partner program

Join our 250+ Travel Partners

What is a Travel Partner?

A Travel Partner is either a... 
1. Travel & Family Blogger
An Orlando travel partner can also be an online blogger that provides useful content about travel, vacation planning, family issues, or theme parks. 
2. Travel & Hospitality Industry Professional
An Orlando Travel Partner is designed for those in the travel or hospitality industry that provide travel services to Orlando and the theme parks such as Disney, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, etc..  

Who should become a Travel Partner?

The following qualify for the Orlando Travel Partner Program:
  • Family Vacation Bloggers
  • Travel Bloggers
  • Family Bloggers
  • Theme Park Bloggers
  • Concierge
  • Travel Agents
  • Vacation Planners
  • Travel Social Media Content Providers

Why should I join the Travel Partner Program?

The following are the most important reasons why you should consider joining the Orlando Travel Partner Program:
  • Receive 10% referral fee for any rental bookings that are fulfilled.
  • Receive 5% referral fee for any items purchased from our online travel stores.
  • Receive special discounts as a Travel Partner on items found in our online store. For example, receive 25% off any rentals for personal use. 
  • Join a network of 250+ travel partners, and get exposed to others with similar or complementary interests. 

How are referrals tracked?

Amusement Park Rentals uses the latest web-based referral tracking system which lets you see your partner account. The system will track any order placed through the following actions:
  • Someone clicking on one of our ad banners you place on your blog or web site
  • Sharing your unique link on your social media accounts
  • Providing the email address for the potential guest
  • Using or sharing your unique coupon code at AmusementParkRentals.com
  • Calling us and placing an order for a client
Any orders that come from an ad banner you place on your blog or web site will be automatically tracked and credited to your partner account.
Payment - Payment is made through PayPal after the order has been fulfilled. 
Dashboard - At anytime, you can login to your partner account by going to the Amusement Park Rentals' web site. 

Adding ad banners to your website

Ad banners are some of the easiest ways to begin receiving funds from referrals. If your site is geared for families, moms, travelers, vacationers, theme park goers, or local Orlando information, go to the creative tab in your partner dashboard and begin adding a banner of your choice to your web site. 


Take 3 minutes and complete the online registration form for the Orlando Travel Partner Program. Once approved, you will receive a welcome email and access to your partner dashboard. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us