What is the Orlando Vacation Marketplace?

The Orlando Vacation Marketplace is where people coming on vacation to Orlando, Florida connect with those selling useful or unique vacation related goods and services. 

Who should I become a seller on the Orlando Vacation Marketplace?

The following sellers are best suited for the Orlando Vacation Marketplace:

    • Local venders in Central Florida serving the travel and tourism market
    • Those offering travel related products such as:
      • Luggage & Bags
      • Tickets
      • Specialty Clothing
      • Travel Gear
      • Weather Gear
    • Those offering travel related services such as:
      • Tour Operators
      • VIP Services 
      • Activity Packages

Note: We are looking for sellers who are creative thinkers. People that have defined new ways to serve people vacationing in Orlando, Florida. 

Why should I join the Orlando Vacation Marketplace as a seller?

The following are the most important reasons why you should consider joining the Orlando Travel Partner Program:

  • Add a new channel of distribution for your product or service without any additional marketing or sales cost.
  • Reach a highly targeted buyer - Families on vacation in Orlando, Florida. 
  • Expose new products and services to an international community of 62 million visitors to Orlando, Florida each year. 
  • Take advantage of our local delivery system in Central Florida to fulfill orders for you by delivering directly to the buyer at their hotel, vacation home, or timeshare when they arrive in Orlando.
  • Take advantage of having over 250+ travel partners sharing and promoting your product or service.
  • Take advantage of our existing customer base and web site traffic. 
  • Reasonable revenue share model between 10%-25% depending on the product or services being offered.

How are sales made and tracked?

Amusement Park Rentals uses a marketplace system that is directly linked into our online store. Sellers can login to the Orlando Vacation Marketplace to add products and review sales reports. Sellers will also receive an email anytime an order is placed for their product or service. 

Payment - Payment is made through PayPal within 24-hours after the order has been fulfilled/delivered. 

Dashboard - At anytime, you can Login to your marketplace account by going to the Amusement Park Rentals' web site. 

How are sales fulfilled?

Option 1: You fulfill the order by shipping directly to the guest. Shipping cost can be added to the price of the item or shown separately.
Option 2: Amusement Park Rentals will fulfill the order for you as a seller for 10% of the total order and deliver the order to the buyer at their hotel, resort, timeshare, or vacation home at no additional cost to buyer for purchasing your product.

Option 3: Combination of Option 1 & Option 2 - You fulfill orders outside of Central Florida, and we fulfill orders for those coming on vacation to Orlando, Florida.

How to get started as a seller?

Register today by completing a short seller registration form and start uploading your products and/or services to the Orlando Vacation Marketplace.

Sample: How to Add Your Product or Service to the Marketplace

Orlando Marketplace Seller Dashboard