Why Rent & Deliver to Orlando & Disney Hotels

Renting is a great way to ensure you have the things you need to make your vacation to the Orlando Amusement Parks without breaking the bank or your back. We have hand picked products, services and activities that your family will want to have during your Orlando, Florida vacation. We have also designed packages to make it easier for you to plan your family vacation. 


We have observed too many families having a miserable vacation because of all the stuff they have to manage during the course of their vacation to Orlando, Florida. Therefore, we do all that we can to reduce the stress of your vacation and make it as memorable and enjoyable as possible. This is why we deliver your rented items directly to your hotel, and pick them up after your done using them.  


The cost of taking an extra bag or item on an airplane is between $50-$150. This cost alone is wasted money, and can be used towards making your trip more enjoyable instead of just more costly.  


If you have a problem during your trip with the critical items you need and use, Amusement Park Rentals will help solve your problem so there is minimum disruption to your vacation or business trip. 


Visit our How to Rent page to learn more.